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About us

Nicetrap is a brand of Oehtech ApS

We are a wholesaler who both invents and develops our own products as well as retailing other brands. With us, quality and the innovation are important, which ensure a sustainable profile with the products of the future in the portfolio.

Oehtech’s sustainable profile in the development or selection of products involve a focus and an assessment of 3 perspectives, the social, the environment and the economic.

Oehtech was founded in 2016 by Oliver Evald Hansen as a result of developing the Nicetrap mousetrap.

Nicetrap came on the market in August 2021, where it was quickly sold to various webshops and retailers, where jem & fix currently are among the biggest.

Nicetrap is now a product category for traps from where our own products and other brand-products are sold. The products in the Nicetrap collection are carefully selected and developed products that are assessed as being the traps of the future.

Our ultimate goal is to make the products of the future available to the consumer.

Today, the team behind Oehtech consists of Oliver Evald Hansen as CEO and founder with support from Investors and a good network of partners