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Nicetrap is an effective mousetrap that prevents rot, odor and infection. At the same time, quick and painless killing is ensured with the help of a built-in snap spring!
Nicetrap mousetrap is an ingenious product for anyone who does not want to come into contact with the mouse after catching. Nicetrap is especially good for holiday home owners, homeowners with attics as well as others who do not regularly inspect traps, as it just deletes sequelae. In addition, it is extra good for families with children or families with small pets. This is because it is not possible to trigger the snap spring function of the trap by touch. Or just for you who do not want in close contact with the mouse when it is caught in the trap!

Buy a Nicetrap mousetrap today and solve or prevent your mouse problems!

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Weight0.268 kg
Dimensions5.5 × 7.5 × 29 cm

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